Download Project QT MOD APK 2021 (Unlimited Coins & Gems)

Download Project QT Mod APK 2021 This game is a full activity filling experience game launched by Nutaku. The organization is known for the exciting sports games it previously released, which is their standard specification.

Anyone will experience an enthusiasm for the game when they start playing the game and will be shocked by every special highlight that this game is about to appear. Try our latest Injustice 2 MOD.

The game Project QT has a wonderful storyline, unfolding bit by bit. Players will start playing the game in a location created with outstanding progress.

He will end in an advanced location beyond the ordinary on earth. The game will start from the infinite darkness that countless people are interested in.

The game account has passed. A covert analysis took place at the North Pole of the Earth. Anyway, it is considered to be an action completed by an outsider.

The player will find the beast, disguised as a beautiful young lady, coming out from the opposite side of the dark opening. These beasts need to enter the earth, and their goals are terrible.

This will cause a turbulent environment on the earth because the beasts will make a sound of destruction to the individuals who live here. In order to fight this riot, a group of young ladies rose from the earth. They will try to secure the earth and fight back against the beast girl who needs to annihilate it.

In project qt mod, you should build your own outstanding young ladies on earth. You should choose the best person who can fight the beasts and protect the earth from its hooks. Download Project QT MOD APK for Unendurable Coins. 

Download Project Qt MOD APK V13.5 (2021)

Download Project QT Mod APK

 File Name - Project QT Mod APK 

 Version- 13.5 

 Requirements - Android 4.4 and up 

 File Size - 68 MB 


Project QT Mod Apk Interesting Features:

1. Get Prisoners- One of the most attractive features of Project QT Mod Apk is that you can make monster girls your prisoner and then add them to your team. Those prisoner girls will be under your control in the future, and they will accept every order from you. By adding prisoners to your team will make your team stronger.

2. PVP mode- Project QT Mod is undoubtedly a real adventure game that allows you to add friends from all over the world. This feature allows you to play games with the added friends. Share your score with other game players every day. Therefore, add your relatives and friends as game friends.

3. Events- This game has many weekly Events. Therefore, you need to choose your best team, train them hard, and let them adapt so that you can participate in these Events.

4. Graphics: When it comes to graphics, Project QT mod is not far behind. The developer of the game is known for its excellent anime-style graphics. In the battle, the characters are designed in the style of Chibi, which looks cute and beautiful.


Project Qt Mod has even more interesting features Like:

1. Unlimited pearls

2. Unlimited Coins

3. Unlimited Gems

4. Infinite Arena Honor

5 Infinite Challenge Coins

6. God Mode

7. High Damage

8. Auto Win

9. Free to download

10. Totally Safe

11. Autoupdate

12. Auto-sync with the game

13. There is no need to root your Android device.


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